Collection: Coaching

Dr. Bert and Dr. Judi are looking forward to meeting with you and assisting you as you discover your pathway to your best success. One-on-one sessions are available by Zoom, Skype or telephone to fit your schedule.
  • helping you achieve a state of wellness if you’re not feeling well
  • helping you maintain your health through sustainable choices and actions
  • identifying and reducing health risks
  • assistance in selecting or implementing an appetite correction (AC) schedule
  • setting and achieving realistic weekly and monthly goals for weight loss, weight maintenance and other health-related objectives
  • education about medical diagnoses, tests and results
  • a-la-carte research assistance for understanding rare diseases or complicated cases
  • building and sustaining a whole-life health plan incorporating Dr. Bert’s “Did I Enrich Today?” (D.I.E.T.) objectives: physical activity and health, social contact, mental stimulation and financial stability with a “diet” of meaning, challenge, novelty, variety and play


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