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Health & Wellness Coaching Session with Dr. Bert

$ 125.00

Dr. Bert is looking forward to meeting with you and assisting you as you discover your pathway to your best success.

Book a 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session with Dr. Bert now.

People look to Dr. Bert for assistance with weight loss everyday. If you’re striving to lose weight and then maintain your goal weight when you achieve success, he’s your guy. People also look to Dr. Bert to assist them as they move through other aspects of their lives.

Book an appointment with Dr. Bert to:

  • • select or implement an appetite correction (AC) schedule
  • • set and achieve realistic weekly and monthly goals for weight loss, weight maintenance and other health-related objectives
  • • build and sustain a whole-life health plan incorporating Dr. Bert’s “Daily Intake of Essential Things” (D.I.E.T.) objectives:
- physical activity and health
- social contact
- mental stimulation
- spiritual connection
- financial stability
- a “D.I.E.T.” of meaning, challenge, novelty, variety and play
  • • achieve a state of wellness because you’re currently not feeling well
  • • maintain your health through sustainable choices and actions
  • • identify and reduce your health risks
  • • learn more about your medical diagnoses, tests and results
  • • better understand a rare disease or complicated medical circumstance

By law, consultations must be non-medical in nature, so for diagnosis or treatment of a medical problem, please consult a local physician.

Sessions with Dr. Bert are available by Skype or telephone to fit your schedule. After your purchase, you will be contacted by email to arrange an appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

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